Monday, November 10, 2008

matea milestone: feeding the lil' devil

I felt a bit guilty that I had hardly thought about giving Matea her first solid food until about two weeks before her six-month birthday. But as it turns out, she has yet to savor anything other than breast milk. We tried giving her some banana about one week later, but she didn't care much for that, either.

Here is how she reacted to her first spoonfuls of rice cereal.

She celebrated her first Halloween dressed as a devil. Costume is courtesy of Imo Kim.

Meris passed something of a milestone this Halloween, too. He understood quite well that trick-or-treating meant running (literally) from house to house and getting candy. His Scarlet Macaw costume also is courtesy of Imo Kim, with shopping and mailing services provided by Halmi.

Here's a better shot of his costume.

He loved it enough to wear it to Spanish class during the week, and to a coffee shop later that weekend.
Glad he got so much wear out of it!